How to Stay Fit While Traveling

While traveling, our everyday routine is significantly different than during the usual work or school days, but maintaining a healthy lifestyle is just as important as enjoying the trip. Traveling to different places and staying in hotels offer much joy when you forget about the stressful work and see some beautiful places. If you’re determined to stay fit and keep your body in shape, traveling can be an opportunity to challenge yourself and continue with your daily fittness activities. Here are some tips how to stay in shape while traveling.

Make a plan before you travel

The first thing everyone should do before traveling is to make a plan, no matter if it’s for one or two weeks family vacation, or a few months solo backpacking trip. While planning which places to visit and how to get from one place to another, make sure to also plan some time for your daily exercise. Think about what kind of local food will you be eating and prepare yourself to avoid too much junk food (there’s plenty of it in most touristic places!). Search for local gyms at places you plan to stay for few days and also plan to do some adventurous outdoor activities, like hiking and cycling.

Stick to your plan but allow yourself some exceptions

Once your trip has started, you are bound to make some alterations to the travel plans, which also means you have to improvise a lot. Don’t get too stressed and stay on your daily fitness schedule whenever you can, but allow yourself to enjoy some lazy days as well. If you’re changing time zones frequently during your trip, be aware that your body needs time to adjust so take lots of rest and keep yourself hydrated.

Take every opportunity to walk

If you’re exploring new cities, instead of using public transport or private cars all the time, try sightseeing by foot. This way you can burn calories and at the same time see some interesting places off the beaten path, which makes your traveling experience unique. One more challenge is to take stairs whenever possible, even if it means climbing all the 1,700 stairs of Eiffel tower in Paris (plus the ticket for climbing stairs is much cheaper than taking the elevators, and the queue is much shorter too!).

Find a way to do workout without equipment and gym

Traveling can be quite hectic sometimes and may include less pleasant situations, like sleeping on the bus or train, finding cheap food in unknown places, getting lost without network… But no matter the situation, force yourself to wake up early, warm up and do some simple workout exercises, even without your favourite fitness equipment. And most importantly, take care of your personal hygiene, drink a lot of water and avoid drinking too much alcohol (even if it’s much cheaper than at home). Keep in mind these instructions, pack your bags and you’re ready to go!

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How To Stay in Shape While Travelling

The importance of exercise to our health can never be ignored. Whether you are traveling for fun or business, staying in shape is not an option. For those who have an embedded daily exercise routine (which is 1 out of 3 adults according to a survey), traveling will always come with its downsides as far as exercising is concerned. Trading your well-furnished gym and jogging environment for a near static posture and a possible bareness of your favorite tools of the trade for the duration you will be on travel can be bizarre. It is for this reason that we offer a few tips on how to stay in shape while traveling.

Find simple workouts

Rather than keeping the mindset that a good exercise should only be done in the well-furnished gym with heavy lifting equipment, be aware of the equal benefits a simple workout can award your body. While still on travel, ensure you shift position as often as you can. This will help in the flow of blood throughout your body well. When at your destination, do simple things like using the stairs to your hotel room instead of the customary lift. Take a walking tour whenever you get a chance or ride a bike. Although this might not seem to be exercise intelligent to you, it’s payback to your body health-wise is worthwhile.
Always be on the lookout for space either within your hotel premises or a nearby park that you will temporarily turn to your fitness area. In these spaces, you can do squats, push-ups and even jog. Remember, exercise requires determination and with purpose, you can use anything in your environment to stay in shape. Do you know you can use a tree branch to do pull-ups? Also, look around your room, there must be something that an offer resistance and make a good weight lifting tool your suitcase for instance.

Maintain a steady pattern to your simple exercising routine for better results. Although not scientifically proven, the below routine should be a good workout as is widely used;

  1. 30 squats
  2. 30 push-ups
  3. 30 weight lifts- Use your suitcase or other items
  4. 30 reverse crunches

You can divide them into 3 or 4 equal parts depending on your endurance. Make this either a daily or even a weekly routine.

Watch your diet

What you eat has a direct bearing to your body’s well-being. This is not an easy fit to maintain during traveling but remember, as much as you do all the exercises but treat yourself with a bad diet, the effects are narrowed down to an unhealthy body. After the trip, what you have been overfeeding on will be displayed with hearty signs setting up the stage for depression and food related complications; anorexia and all. While you can, it’s better to take preventative measures.

Have a crafted plan on your diet and stick to it. It’s all about being loyal and truthful to your body. Maintain a balanced diet of vegetables, animal or plant proteins and vitamins. Keep starch levels low although to be consumed once in a while. Stay away from fortified or processed foods and mostly utilize natural ones. Whatever you eat, take precise caution on what and how much it is.

Limit your beer intake

Huge consumption of alcohol is harmful to your health. This is common knowledge. If you are out indulging in drinks, watch out for your limit and do not exceed. Use a lot of spacers in between your drinks to regulate the rate at which your body breaks down the alcohol. Do not spend too much time partying either. Late night events that deprive you of sleep don’t do you any good either. Despite the fun, avoid flash drinking. Take your alcohol slowly and steadily.
Drinks contain a lot of calories that when consumed in large portions can be detrimental to your weight.

Stay active

Most hotels offer activities that are fun to engage in. You should not only be entertained by watching this but also be part of the activities. Be in a group that will make part of an entertaining match or game. For example, play tag of war, Tango, dance lessons or any other games offered.

Yoga Poses for Traveling

Busy schedules, travel, jetlags, etc., different problems have a YOGA solution. Yoga is not just a process of meditation; It is a kind of exercise that relieves the muscles of your body, strengthens your bones and makes your immune system strong by increasing your power of disease resistance. Yoga poses or asanas will help you prepare for jet lag, muscle tension, etc. Here are some yoga postures for travelers that all travelers should know.

To understand the importance of yoga poses for traveling. First, we need to know what problems one faces while traveling through the air. The problems one might encounter are:

  • Muscle cramps
  • Sitting in a position in a place affects the blood circulation
  • The metabolism process is affected
  • Air circulated in the air, bus or train leads to dehydration

To stay away from all these problems there is certain yoga poses that you should understand as a traveler.

Yoga poses for traveling:

  • Viparita Karani: Legs with wall bracket

According to theory, this yoga posture delays and ends the effects of old age. Relieves one of anxiety, depression, insomnia, calms the mind and reduces muscle cramps.

Place a pillow or mattress on the floor next to a wall. Rest on this mattress with your back straight touching the floor and legs up with the wall support.
Keep the back straight, and stretch your hands wide.

  • Sethu Bandha Sarvangasana: Bridge Posture

This exercise is best for persons with high blood pressure. Relax the muscles of the neck and chest. Place a mattress on the floor. Lie on the bed with your feet touching the floor and keep your knees bent.

Put your arms straight along your body. When you press your feet and arms, lift your hips. While doing so, the neck and shoulder should remain touched to the floor along with their hands and feet also touching the floor. This exercise leads to a bridge forming posture, hence the name.

This posture helps to stretch the legs, back, knees and ankles.
For this sitting upright with crossed legs. Keeping your back erect, rest your palm on the ground and turn back.

When doing this your legs should not move, they should point in the forward direction. Try to lean back as far as you can.

  • Paschimanattasana: Sitting Forward Fold

Bend forward as we know it reduces fatigue and stress. It aids to stretch the spine and shoulder muscles. It is also useful in infertility and high blood pressure. However, if you have a back injury, you should never practice this pose.

Sit upright with your legs held together in front of you together.
Do not let your knees bend and try to touch your feet with your hand. After getting accustomed to this posture, in later stages, it is necessary to hold the feet by hand and bend forward completely with the head down to the legs.